Graduate Regulations

Application for Re-admission after Suspension

At the end of the period defined in an Academic Suspension, a suspended student may submit a formal written application to the Vice President and Professional Studies requesting that the suspension be lifted and study be continued. The application must:

  1. Document student awareness of the factors and circumstances which resulted in suspension (grades, grade point averages, or grade patterns are neither factors nor circumstances, but are the products of factors or circumstances); and
  2. Provide evidence that the causative factors and circumstances no longer exist and that the successful resumption of study is highly probable.

The Vice President and Professional Studies may accept the application and authorize the resumption of studies, or may continue the suspension and specify requirements for the submission of a subsequent application. No application is automatically accepted. An application may be denied when either or both of the two requirements specified above are inadequately or unsatisfactorily addressed.

Ordinarily, application are considered within 30 days of their submission.

Revised 08/24/2010

Graduate Catalog 11-12