Policies and Procedures

Interpretation of Academic Requirements for Admission

Meeting the criteria for admission to a graduate program of the University effectively makes a prospective student eligible for consideration for admission. The criteria are stated in terms of minimum qualifications for consideration. Meeting the stated minimum criteria does not insure admission. Admissions are selective and competitive.

The accelerated and non-traditional delivery formats employed in University graduate programs are enrollment sensitive. Enrollments are purposely restricted to insure quality of result. Within this context students qualified for Regular or Provisional have priority over Graduate Specials; and, applicants eligible for Regular Status are accorded priority over those qualified only for Provisional Status acceptance. When the number of applicants qualified for Regular Status admission exceeds the number available enrollment spaces, students otherwise qualified for admission may be denied admission in favor of students with stronger qualifications. In such instances, the Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies informs the student that while he/she met the minimum qualifications for admission, admission is being denied because students with stronger qualifications were available. The Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies may encourage the student to reactivate the application for a subsequent enrollment period if in the Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies judgment, the likelihood of admission at a later date is highly probable. Revised 9/14/2009

Graduate Catalog 11-12