Degree Program Detail

Master of Education in Elementary or Secondary Administration

The Master of Education degree program in Administration is intended to provide the student with the fundamental skills necessary for effective school administration at the elementary, middle, or secondary level(s). The ability to formulate effective educational practice involving school administration, school management, curriculum development, and supervision as they relate to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortion Standards, current research, educational trends, knowledge assessment, legal frameworks, and cultural issues are emphasized.

Course # Course
EDU500Current Issues
EDU525Foundation of Educational Administration
EDU535Elementary Administration
EDU536Secondary Administration
EDU545Elementary Curriculum
EDU546Secondary Curriculum
EDU560Managing Classroom Environments
EDU580Educational Technology
EDU585School Law
EDU590Appraisal of Student Learning
EDU597Field Experiences II, Portfolio, School Improvement Plan
EDU557Field Experience I
EDU520Research Design

Graduate Catalog 11-12