Degree Program Detail

In-Service Training Courses (500 level)

0.5 hour graduate credit courses

Course # Course
EDU517PowerPoint in the School Environment
EDU518Introduction to Classroom Webpage
EDU519Technology Tools in the Classroom
EDU513Introduction to E-Instruction Classroom Performance System "clickers"
EDU514Classroom Use of Microsoft Word and Publisher
EDU531Easiteach for Early Elementary Teachers/Centers
EDU529Introduction to Study Island in the Classroom
EDU532Using Easiteach in the Classroom
EDU516Using the Internet in the Classroom
EDU534Using Nettreker/United Streaming in the Classroom
EDU549Using Internet/Tech Tools in the Classroom II
EDU548Classroom Webpage II: Advanced Features
EDU539Using Outlook in Education
EDU541Using Excel & Power School in the Classroom
EDU542Using Safari Montage in the Classroom

Graduate Catalog 11-12