Degree Program Detail

Specialist of Education in Administration

The Specialist of Education is intended to provide students with the advanced skills necessary for effective school administration. The ability to formulate effective educational practices involving school administration, school management, school finance, plants and facilities planning and operation, human resources, assessment, school law, and supplemental programs as they relate to current research, educational trends, legal frameworks, and cultural issues are emphasized. This program is designed to prepare the student to be recommended for certification for superintendency, provided all other requirements are met.

Course # Course
EDU600Issues in School Superintendency
EDU601Superintendency Practicum
EDU610Utilizing Statistical Procedures in Educational Research & Evaluation
EDU620Effective School-Community Relations
EDU630Development & Implementation of Educational Policy
EDU640Human Resources in Education
EDU650 Finance & Facilities Management
EDU660Educational Reform & Innovation for Improvement
EDU670Closing the Achievement Gap & Addressing Urban Education Issues
EDU680Advanced School Law
EDU690Differentiated & Supplemental Program
EDU697School Portfolio Development & Field Experience
EDU657Field Experience

Graduate Catalog 11-12