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EDU657 Field Experience

The student and field experience on-site supervisor, a certificated school district central office administrator, will meet to discuss field experience expectations and requirements. The student will have the opportunity during the required six-month, 240 hour field experience to be introduced to those attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary to provide leadership at the school district central office level. With the guidance of the university supervisor and a certificated district-level administrator acting as the field experience on-site supervisor, the student will start to plan for the six month field experience requirements. With the on-site supervisor guidance, the student will be exposed to concepts of educational administration. Management of school operations, auxiliary services, personnel management, instructional programs assessment, pupil personnel services, and school-community relations. Such exposures will help the student develop a practical perception of what the tasks, duties, and responsibilities are inherent in district-level administrative positions.  0 Credits

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