Graduate Regulations

Grade Appeals

Students who believe a grade to be assigned in error or who wish to review a grade that they believe may be inaccurate must correspond in writing to the instructor responsible for issuance within two weeks after the receipt of a grade. If a mathematical, recording, or other technical error is discovered by the instructor at this time, the instructor may recommend the appropriate grade change to the appropriate dean and must accompany the recommendation with evidence which substantiates that such error had occurred. No other basis for change initiated by the instructor is acceptable. If substantive issues remain unsolved after the written correspondence with the instructor, the student should submit a copy of the written correspondence with the instructor to the appropriate dean along with a request for a grade change. If after meeting with the dean, the student still disputes his/her grade, step three is for a written appeal to the VP of Graduate and Professional Studies with copies of the written correspondence with the instructor and dean. The appeal must allege one of the following:

  1. A computational, recording, or other technical error has been made but has not been acknowledged by the instructor; or,
  2. The grade has been assigned in an arbitrary, capricious, or vindictive manner, or in a manner intended to inappropriately manipulate or control the student.

The VP will appoint a review committee to determine a final conclusion for the appeal.

Revised 06/22/2010

Evening Catalog 12-13