Graduate Regulations

Transfer Credit

To preserve the integrity, coherence, and quality of advanced degrees granted by the University, restrictions are placed upon the acceptance of graduate work completed at other institutions of higher education. Each graduate program determines the number of graduate credits earned at other institutions which may be applied toward the degree offered by the program. Additional qualifications and restrictions may be placed upon the applicability of credit earned elsewhere to specific program requirements.

Ordinarily no more than nine hours completed elsewhere will be accepted as applicable to graduate degrees granted by the University. Additionally, only graduate work with grades of A or B may be accepted as applicable toward University graduate degrees.

Only graduate work completed at another institution before initial admission to graduate study may be considered for transfer, except in instances in which admitted current graduate students secure prior approval from their academic advisor before taking a graduate course at another institution. Credits received for the completion of graduate work not previously approved by the academic advisor will not be considered for acceptance.

Only graduate work completed at graduate level institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the USDE (U.S. Department of Education)and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), may be accepted as applicable to University graduate programs.

The Academic Advisor, with the assistance of appropriate program personnel, determines the acceptability of credit granted by other graduate level institutions.

Transfer credit is not granted for the capstone course in any graduate degree program.

The delivery system or format is not considered by the University in the evaluation of coursework from other institutions for possible transfer credit.

Ordinarily graduate work completed at other institutions must have been completed within three calendar years of anticipated initial enrollment to be considered for applicability to University graduate degrees.

Revised 8/24/2010

Evening Catalog 12-13