Graduate Regulations

Academic Leave

Students granted “Academic Leave” may interrupt study for predetermined periods of time with the assurance of resuming study requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment. A formal written request for Academic Leave must be submitted to the Dean of Business or Education. The request must indicate the specific duration of the proposed leave, the clear intent to resume study, and a general statement of the reasons for the leave. While every attempt is made to approve such requests, students are cautioned that program, division, and university circumstances, as well as division requirements regarding “Time Limitations on Degree Completion” may require the Dean to refuse a request for leave. (Refusal does not mean that a student may not interrupt study. Refusal means only upon return the student may be subjected to new continuation and/or degree requirements.) Students enrolled in cohort programs should refer to the statement entitled “Cohort Instructional Format” regarding the applicability of Academic Leave to the cohort format.
Revised 08/24/2010

Evening Catalog 12-13