Degree Program Detail

Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies degree completion program consists of a 42 semester hour, 14 course sequence designed for the working professional interested in entering the legal profession with a baccalaureate in paralegal studies. Assignments enable the student to apply substantive and procedural law to legal fact patterns that one would encounter in the legal environment. Paralegals are members of the professional legal staff who are employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who perform specifically delegated legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has consistently listed the paralegal profession among the top professions predicted to continue growing in the 21st century. Students entering this degree completion program must have 50 to 60 transferrable credit hours prior to enrollment.

Course # Course
PRL110American Legal System
PRL207Fundamentals of Legal Research and Writing
PRL221Legal Ethics in the Law Office
PRL301Contract Law
PRL305Criminal Law and Procedure
PRL306Civil Litigation
PRL315Family Law
PRL316Legal Interviewing & Investigation
PRL317Legal Writing
PRL440Constitutional Law
PRL450Torts Law
PRL320Alternative Dispute Resolution
PRL325Administrative & Employment Law
PRL455Probate, Estate & Elder Planning

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