Elective Details

Physical Education Activity Courses (K-9)

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Physical Education Activity Courses (K-9).

Course # Course Name Hours
PED108 Outdoor Activities 2
PED112 Beginning Tennis 1
PED113 Fitness 1
PED124 Varsity Golf 1
PED125 Varsity Soccer 1
PED126 Varsity Volleyball 1
PED128 Varsity Softball 1
PED129 Varsity Basketball 1
PED131 Weight Control and Conditioning 2
PED133 Varsity Baseball 1
PED134 Introduction to Skiing 1
PED135 Team Sports 1
PED136 Individual and Dual Sports 1
PED137 Flexibility and Stretching 1
PED139 Varsity Cross Country 1
PED142 Beginning Golf 1
PED144 Low Rope Initiatives/Team Building 2
PED150 Sport Leadership 1

Academic Catalog 2012