Elective Details

Communication BFA Electives: Any COM or THA courses

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Communication BFA Electives: Any COM or THA courses.

Course # Course Name Hours
COM101 Introduction to Speech Communication 3
COM200 Introductory Projects 3
COM203 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM207 Radio Broadcasting 1
COM209 Argumentation and Debate 3
COM213 Gender Communication 3
COM215 Small Group Leadership 3
COM220 Logic and Persuasion 3
COM250 Ethics in Sexuality-ER 3
COM251 Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
COM315 Feature Writing & Magazine 3
COM332 Digital Production III 3
COM335 Public Affairs Reporting 3
COM349 Experimental Film and Video Production 3
COM363 Advanced Audio Production 3
COM366 Interdisciplinary Honors Studies 3
COM393 Broadcast Editing 3
COM400 Advanced Projects 3
COM432 Digital Production IV 3
COM449 Advanced Digital Video/Film Production 3
COM451 Internship II 3
COM452 Internship III 3
THA115 Theatre Dance: Jazz and Tap 1
THA116 Theatre Dance: Modern 1
THA117 Theatre Dance: Ballet 1
THA120 Introduction to Stagecraft 1
THA125 Costuming Practicum 1
THA126 Technical Practicum 1
THA151 Theatre Performance Practicum 1
THA200 Introductory Projects 3
THA210 Dance Movement I 3
THA211 Dance Movement II 3
THA231 Makeup for the Stage 3
THA232 Stage Management 3
THA234 Stagecraft 3
THA240 Stage Combat 3
THA250 Survey of American Musical Theatre 3
THA300 Independent Study 3
THA354 Acting II: Scene Study 3
THA362 Theatre History I 3
THA363 Theatre History II 3
THA366 Interdisciplinary Honors Studies 3
THA390 Internship I 3
THA400 Advanced Projects 3
THA418 Methods of Teaching 3
THA451 Internship II 3
THA452 Internship III 6
THA454 Acting III: Period Style 3
THA491 Broadway Play Analysis 3
THA499 Senior Project 3

Academic Catalog 2011