Elective Details

Applied Riding

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Applied Riding.

Course # Course Name Hours
EQR111 Introduction to Forward Seat 1
EQR120 Fundamentals of Dressage 1
EQR121 Fundamentals of Hunt Seat 1
EQR122 Fundamentals of Saddle Seat 1
EQR125 Fundamentals of Western 1
EQR200 Introductory Project 3
EQR214 Longlining and Driving 1
EQR215 Longlining and Driving Lab 0
EQR220 Intermediate Dressage 1
EQR221 Intermediate Hunt Seat 1
EQR222 Intermediate Saddle Seat 1
EQR225 Intermediate Western 1
EQR320 Intermediate/Advanced Dressage 1
EQR321 Int/Adv Hunt Seat 1
EQR322 Intermediate/Advanced Saddle Seat 1
EQR325 Intermediate/Advanced Western 1
EQR327 Intermediate Jumper 1
EQR420 Advanced Dressage 1
EQR421 Advanced Hunt Seat 1
EQR422 Advanced Saddle Seat 1
EQR425 Advanced Western 1
EQR427 Advanced Jumper 1

Academic Catalog 2011