Elective Details

Any CHM or SCI 200 and above (Physical Science Minor)

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Any CHM or SCI 200 and above (Physical Science Minor).

Course # Course Name Hours
CHM200 Introductory Project 3
CHM300 Independent Study 3
CHM314 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM315 Organic Chemistry I Lab 0
CHM324 Organic Chemistry II 4
CHM325 Organic Chemistry II Lab 0
CHM366 Interdisciplinary Honors Studies 3
CHM400 Advanced Project 3
CHM440 Biochemistry 4
CHM441 Biochemistry Lab 0
SCI200 Introductory Projects 3
SCI205 The Scientific Enterprise 3
SCI230 Earth Science Lecture 3
SCI250 Geomorphology of Missouri 3
SCI251 Geomorphology of Missouri Lab 1
SCI366 Interdisciplinary Honors Studies 3

Academic Catalog 2011