Academic Policy Details

Academic Grievance

Students should be protected from prejudice and capriciousness in matters of academic policy and practice. They are entitled to a reasonable explanation of their performance in relation to the standards of a program or a course. Initial inquiries in academic matters should be directed to the course professor. Appeals should be addressed to the approporiate division or department chair. If the inquiry with the professor and the appeal to the department chair are not satisfactory, the student may file a formal grievance according to the guidelines listed under "Grade Appeal." A formal grievance must be in writing and it must be presented to the Academic Dean with 15 class days of the fall or spring semester immediately following the semester during which the matter of grievance occurred. This policy is not applicable to Graduate & Adult Studies. Students who desire information regarding this issue should refer to the Graduate and Adult Studies Bulletin.


These policies apply to the Semester Program/On Campus students only.  Graduate College Students will need to consult the Graduate College Bulletin.

Academic Catalog 2009