Accounting  B.S.

Art Education  B.S.

Athletic Training  B.S.

Biology  B.A.

Biology  B.S.

Biology Education   B.S.

Business Administration  B.S.

Communication  B.A.

Communication  B.F.A.

Communication  B.S.

Education (Elementary)  B.S.

Education (Middle-Level)  B.S.

Education (Secondary)  Certification

Education (Special)  B.S.

Educational Studies  B.S.

English  B.A.

English Education  B.S.

Equestrian Science  B.S.

Equine Administration  B.S.

Exercise Science  B.S.

Graphic Design  B.S.

Graphic Design  B.F.A.

Graphic Design  B.A.

History  B.A.

History Education  B.S.

Interdisciplinary Studies  B.A.

Interdisciplinary Studies  B.S.

Interpreting  B.S.

Legal Studies  B.S.

Management Information Systems  B.S.

Mathematics  B.A.

Physical Education (9-12)  B.S.

Physical Education (K-12)  B.S.

Physical Education (K-9)  B.S.

Political/Legal Studies  B.A.

Psychology  B.A.

Social Work  B.S.W.

Speech and Theatre Education  B.S.

Sport Management  B.S.

Studio Art  B.F.A.

Studio Art  B.A.

Studio Art  B.S.

Theatre  B.A.


Degree Descriptions

A.A.S.  Associate of Applied Science
The Associate of Applied Science is oriented toward career and professional preparation. The primary purpose of the degree is to prepare students for entry into a particular occupation within a two-year period. Credits required for completion of this degree range from 62-67.
B.A.  Bachelor of Arts
The Bachelor of Arts degree usually includes a major of 30-42 credits and a minor of 18 credits. Majors associated with the bachelor of arts are most appropriate to students seeking a liberal-learning,pre-professional or graduate school orientation.
B.F.A.  Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree includes a major of 60 - 72 credit hours. It does not require a minor.
B.S.  Bachelor of Science
The Bachelor of Science degree usually includes a major of 42 to 60 credits. This degree does not require a minor. Majors associated with the bachelor of science degree best serve students interested
B.S.W.  Bachelor of Social Work
The Bachelor of Social Work degree includes a major of 48 credit hours. It does not require a minor
Certification  Secondary

Academic Catalog 2009