Major Details

Educational Studies B.S.

This major is for students who wish to study the Education field without obtaining teacher certification.

Students interested in seeking teacher certification should not enroll in this major. Instead, they should consult the Division of Education handbook for information on the curriculum, policies and requirements of the division and of teacher certification process.

Introduction to Teacher Education (EDU105) is recommended for students in this major.

Must take either PSY209: Child Development and Behavior or PSY316: Psychology of the Adolescent and the Middle-Level Child.

Course List - Total Hours: 35

Course # Course Title Hours
EDU201 Multicultural Education    3
EDU211 Educational Technology    2
EDU231 Exceptional Child    3
EDU250 Foundations    3
EDU291 Pre-Student Teaching I    1
EDU292 Pre-Student Teaching II    1
EDU317 Integrated Curriculum I    3
EDU318 Integrated Curriculum II    3
EDU392 Reading in the Content Area    3
EDU453 Classroom Management    2
PED107 Health, Nutrition and Safety    2
PSY221 Educational Psychology    3



Concentration Hours

Academic Catalog 2009