Major Details

Communication B.F.A.

Communications major includes a core of 48 credits.

COM/THA Electives 24 credits

Course List - Total Hours: 72

Course # Course Title Hours
COM105 Voice and Diction    3
COM110 Beginning Media Writing    3
COM132 Digital Production I    3
COM150 Survey of Production Techniques    3
COM190 Introduction to Mass Media    3
COM232 Digital Production II    3
COM320 Communication Theory    3
COM330 Communication Law and Ethics -ER    3
COM373 Announcing and Reporting    3
COM390 Internship I    3
COM499 Senior Seminar    3
THA110 Introduction to Theatre    3
THA255 Acting I: Basic Skills    3
THA260 Acting for the Camera    3
THA331 Stage Lighting    3
THA470 Directing    3


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Communication BFA Electives: Any COM or THA courses   24

Academic Catalog 2009