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Interpreting B.S.

The interpreting program prepares students to effectively communicate and interpret between American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Practicum experiences are provided in educational, medical, vocational and other settings. The program also provides for interaction with students at the Missouri School for the Deaf, the local deaf community, and deaf instructors and tutors in a state-of-the-art interpreting lab. A demonstration of competency in English and ASL is necessary to enroll in ITP 301. Interpreting Majors are required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.5.

Interpreting majors are encouraged to take Acting I: Basic Skills (THA 255), Introduction to Speech Communication (COM 101) and Legal Ethics (LGS 210).

Course List - Total Hours: 54

Course # Course Title Hours
ITP101 Orientation to Interpreting    3
ITP105 American Sign Language I    4
ITP120 Deaf Culture    3
ITP205 American Sign Language II    4
ITP301 Interpreting I    4
ITP305 American Sign Language III    4
ITP310 Specialized Interpreting    3
ITP351 Interpreting II    4
ITP355 American Sign Language IV    4
ITP375 Interpreting III    4
ITP380 Interpreting IV    4
ITP405 American Sign Language V    4
ITP425 American Sign Language Linguistics and Sociolinguistics    3
ITP450 Internship I    3
ITP475 Internship II    3


Academic Catalog 2009