Major Details

Equestrian Science B.S.

The major in Equestrian Science is designed specifically for those students who intend to pursue careers in the equine industry as instructors, trainers, equine managers, and riders. Students are exposed to a broad range of equestrian experiences that are both practical and theoretical.

*All Applied Riding (EQR) courses may be repeated
Proficiency Exams: Students in Equestrian Science must demonstrate a required level of proficiency by the conclusion of thier sophomore year in order to declare the major.

The four applied riding seats are

1. Dressage
2. Hunter/Jumper
3. Saddle Seat
4. Western
Equestrian Science majors must ride at least one semester in three of the four applied riding seats.
*Applied riding credit will be determined by the number of semesters the student is enrolled at WWU. Each semester enrolled, one riding credit hour must be taken. Transfer students enrolled at WWU for less than 8 semesters must take an EQA/EQR/EQS/EQU electives to bring thier total number of Equestrian Studies credits to the required number of 53 for the Equestrian Science major.

PED 104 First Aid and CPR credit or CPR Certification must be documented.

Majors must pass EQU201 and EQU391 with a grade of C or higher to satisfy major requirements - course must be taken before student accumulates 90 credit hours/Senior standing.

Course List - Total Hours: 53

Course # Course Title Hours
BUS206 Entrepreneurship    3
EQS201 Anatomy, Movement, & Farrier Methods    3
EQS212 Theory of Teaching Techniques I    3
EQS302 Theory of Equine Nutrition    3
EQS328 Equine Evaluation    3
EQS404 Veterinary Medicine and Reproduction    3
EQS411 Teaching Techniques Seminar    2
EQU112 Equine Care    3
EQU113 Equine Health and First Aid    3
EQU201 Techniques of Horse Management    2
EQU210 Survey of the Equine Profession    3
EQU391 Horse Management Practicum    4
EQU405 Equine Business Practices    4


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Applied Riding (see statement above)   8
Teaching Techniques II   1
Teaching Techniques III   2
Issues of Riding   2
Teaching Techniques IV   2

Academic Catalog 2009