Major Details

Biology B.A.

Bachelor of Arts degree programs require a minor and a year of a foreign language.

Students who plan to enter a graduate or professional school should consider taking organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics and two semesters of calculus, as well as carefull selection of biology electives depending on future plans.

Course List - Total Hours: 49

Course # Course Title Hours
BIO114 General Biology I    4
BIO115 General Biology I, Laboratory    0
BIO124 General Biology II    4
BIO125 General Biology II, Laboratory    0
BIO301 Genetics    4
BIO302 Genetics Lab    0
BIO401 Evolution    3
BIO405 Cell and Molecular Biology    4
BIO406 Cell and Molecular Biology Lab    0
BIO450 Senior Practicum    1
CHM114 General Chemistry I    4
CHM115 General Chemistry I Lab    0
CHM124 General Chemistry II    4
CHM125 General Chemistry II Lab    0
MAT124 Calculus I    5


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Biology Elective Upper Division   12
Anatomy and Physiology   4

Academic Catalog 2009