Major Details

Business Administration B.S.

The curriculum includes a core of courses and a selected concentration (15 credits) in one of the following areas: advertising and marketing, economics and finance, international business, management, and management of Information Systems. Qualified students are encouraged to pursue a business-related internship.

Course List - Total Hours: 63

Course # Course Title Hours
ACC240 Principles of Accounting I    3
ACC241 Principles of Accounting II    3
BUS206 Entrepreneurship    3
BUS231 Risk Management and Insurance    3
BUS321 Principles of Marketing    3
BUS332 Business Communications    3
BUS335 Business Law    3
BUS351 Principles of Management    3
BUS390 Internship I    3
BUS415 Corporate Finance    3
BUS450 Business Policy and Procedures    3
ECN251 Macroeconomics    3
ECN252 Microeconomics    3
MAT114 Elementary Statistics    3
MAT120 Calculus for Business    3


Required Electives

Elective Hours
MIS Elective   3


Concentration Hours

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