Common Studies Detail

Creative and Aesthetic Sensibility - 6 Credits

Students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Special Education must have three hours of ART or three hours of MUS.

Course # Course Title
ART101 Introduction to Art
ART105 Basic Design
ART110 Drawing I
ART111 Drawing II
ART115 Color & Light
ART120 Art Appreciation
ART200 Introductory Projects
ART202 Graphic Design I
ART206 Painting I
ART207 Painting II
ART208 Sculpture I
ART209 Sculpture II
ART210 Portfolio Development
ART212 Printmaking I
ART213 Printmaking II
ART215 Weaving & Fiber Arts I
ART216 Weaving & Fiber Arts II
ART220 Watercolor I
ART221 Watercolor II
ART222 Ceramics I
ART223 Ceramics II
ART224 Jewelry I
ART225 Jewelry II
ART230 Survey of Western Art I
ART231 Survey of Western Art II
ART232 Graphic Design II
ART256 Photography I
ART257 Photography II
MUS101 Music Fundamentals
MUS103 Music Appreciation
MUS111 Jazz, Pop and Rock
MUS211 Applied Piano I
MUS212 Applied Piano II
MUS221 Applied Voice I
MUS222 Advanced Voice II
MUS241 Jameson Singers
THA110 Introduction to Theatre
THA115 Theatre Dance: Jazz and Tap
THA116 Theatre Dance: Modern
THA117 Theatre Dance: Ballet
THA120 Introduction to Stagecraft
THA125 Costuming Practicum
THA126 Technical Practicum
THA151 Theatre Performance Practicum
THA200 Introductory Projects
THA210 Dance Movement I
THA211 Dance Movement II
THA231 Makeup for the Stage
THA232 Stage Management
THA234 Stagecraft
THA240 Stage Combat
THA250 Survey of American Musical Theatre
THA255 Acting I: Basic Skills


Academic Catalog 2009