Major Details

Biology B.A.

Biology majors should take the minor in physical science in order to fulfill co-requisites. Students who plan to enter a graduate or professional school should consider taking organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics and two semesters of calculus, as well as carefull selection of biology electives depending on future plans.

Bachelor of Arts degree programs require a minor and a year of a foreign language.

All biology majors are required to complete a portfolio review (biology knapsack) each year. Successful completion of this review during the sophmore year will enable students to formally apply for acceptance into the major.

Course List - Total Hours: 49

Course # Course Title Hours
BIO114 General Biology I    4
BIO115 General Biology I, Laboratory    0
BIO124 General Biology II    4
BIO125 General Biology II, Laboratory    0
BIO301 Genetics    4
BIO302 Genetics Lab    0
BIO401 Evolution    3
BIO405 Cell and Molecular Biology    4
BIO406 Cell and Molecular Biology Lab    0
BIO450 Senior Practicum    1
CHM114 General Chemistry I    4
CHM115 General Chemistry I Lab    0
CHM124 General Chemistry II    4
CHM125 General Chemistry II Lab    0
MAT124 Calculus I    5


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Biology Elective Upper Division   8
(BIO 313, 314, 323, & 324) or (BIO 317, 318, 327, & 328)   8

Academic Catalog 2008