Elective Details

CIS Elective

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for CIS Elective.

Course # Course Name Hours
CIS100 Introduction to Computer Information Science 3
CIS124 Productivity Tools 3
CIS200 Introductory Projects 3
CIS215 Operating Systems 3
CIS216 Introduction to Programming Language 3
CIS300 Independent Study 3
CIS301 Database Management Systems 3
CIS304 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CIS325 Telecommunications and Networking 3
CIS326 Advanced Programming 3
CIS327 Website Development 3
CIS350 Electronic Commerce 3
CIS390 Internship I 3
CIS400 Special Projects 3
CIS415 Advanced Networking 3
CIS434 Management of Information Systems 3
CIS451 Internship II 3
CIS452 Internship III 3
CIS460 Project Management 3
CIS470 Senior Seminar 3

Academic Catalog 2008