Elective Details

Education Electives

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Education Electives.

Course # Course Name Hours
EDU105 Introduction to Teacher Education 1
EDU200 Introductory Projects 3
EDU201 Multicultural Education 3
EDU211 Educational Technology 2
EDU231 Exceptional Child 3
EDU250 Foundations 3
EDU258 Cross Categorical Disabilities 3
EDU261 Assessing Young Children 2
EDU281 Early Childhood Principles 3
EDU291 Pre-Student Teaching I 1
EDU292 Pre-Student Teaching II 1
EDU293 Pre-Student Teaching III 1
EDU300 Independent Study 3
EDU301 Family and Community Resources 3
EDU311 Middle School Philosophy and Organization 3
EDU313 Early Childhood Program Management 3
EDU314 Middle School Curriculum and Instruction 3
EDU317 Integrated Curriculum I 3
EDU318 Integrated Curriculum II 3
EDU341 Teaching Mathematics (Elementary) 3
EDU351 Language Development 3
EDU353 Teaching Remedial Mathematics 2
EDU392 Reading in the Content Area 3
EDU393 Teaching Elementary Reading 3
EDU400 Advanced Projects 3
EDU415 Conferencing and Consultation 3
EDU417 Practicum 1
EDU418 Methods of Teaching 3
EDU420 Measurement and Evaluation 4
EDU441 Analysis and Correction 2
EDU453 Classroom Management 2
EDU458 Teaching Cross Categorical Disabilities 3
EDU460 Career/Vocational Education 2
EDU490 Supervised Teaching (Elementary) 12
EDU492 Educational Seminar 3
EDU493 Supervised Teaching (Special Education) 12
EDU495 Supervised Teaching (Middle Level) 12
EDU499 Supervised Teaching (Secondary) 12

Academic Catalog 2008