Common Studies Detail

Cultural Diversity - 3 Credits

Taken before Fall 2002 at WWU by students enrolled full time: FRE 101, FRE 321; HIS 200/HUM 215 (Native America): ITP 105; SPA 101; PLS212

Students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Special Education must take GEO 201 or GEO 202.

Any Foreign Language or ASL I, II, III, IV, or V also meet this requirement.

Course # Course Title
GEO201 Regions and Nations of the World I
GEO202 Regions and Nations of the World II
ITP105 American Sign Language I
ITP120 Deaf Culture
ITP205 American Sign Language II
PHL102 World Religions
SCA353 Race and Ethnicity
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II


Academic Catalog 2008