Common Studies Detail

Social Science - 6 Credits

Taken before Fall 2002 at WWU by students enrolled full time: BUS 251, 252; PLG 204; SWK 103, 215

Students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Special Education must take BUS/ECN 251 or BUS/ECN 252.

Social Work majors must take either PSY 101 or 102; and SCA 111; and ECN 251 or 252.

Athletic Training majors must take PSY101.

Course # Course Title
ECN200 Introductory Projects
ECN251 Macroeconomics
ECN252 Microeconomics
ECN260 Introduction to Environmental Economics
LGS105 Politics & Government
LGS110 American Legal System
LGS200 Introductory Projects
LGS206 Political Theory
LGS207 Fundamentals of Legal Research & Writing
LGS210 Law, Ethics & Morality -ER
LGS215 Introduction to Criminal Justice
LGS302 American Jurisprudence
PSY101 General Psychology I
PSY102 General Psychology II
PSY200 Introductory Projects
PSY209 Child Development and Behavior
PSY221 Educational Psychology
PSY285 Psychology of Personality
SCA111 Introduction to Sociology
SCA200 Introductory Projects
SCA203 Aging, the Individual and Society
SCA207 Understndng Family Dynmcs & Dysfnct
SCA215 Social Welfare
SCA220 Social Movements of the 1960's
SCA226 Social Problems
SCA245 Ethics in Social Science-ER
SCA273 Theory & Practice of Victimology


Academic Catalog 2008