Common Studies Detail

Natural Science - 8 Credits

Lecture and lab courses must be taken together.

Social Work majors must take BIO 105 and 106, or BIO 114 and 115.

For students seeking certification in education, at least one BIO course is recommended, particularly for students seeking Elementary certification.

Course # Course Title
BIO105 Introduction to Biological Principles
BIO106 Introduction to Biological Principles Laboratory
BIO114 General Biology I
BIO115 General Biology I, Laboratory
BIO124 General Biology II
BIO125 General Biology II, Laboratory
BIO200 Introductory Projects
BIO209 Introduction to Environmental Science
BIO210 Introduction to Environmental Science(Lab)
BIO224 Contemporary Topics in Biology
BIO225 Contemporary Topics in Biology Laboratory
CHM114 General Chemistry I
CHM115 General Chemistry I Lab
CHM124 General Chemistry II
CHM125 General Chemistry II Lab
PHY201 Physics I
PHY202 Physics, Lab
PHY212 Physics II
PHY213 Physics II, Lab
SCI200 Introductory Projects
SCI230 Earth Science Lecture
SCI231 Earth Science Lab


Academic Catalog 2008