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Criminal Justice - Homeland Security B.S.

It is anticipated that homeland security will be the biggest government employer for the next decade or longer because of the continued terrorist threats faced by the United States. Our criminal justice program, with an emphasis in homeland security will prepare you to become a professional in this demanding and developing field. Our program provides a unique approach to national security issues by focusing on an understanding of the historical, sociological and psychological aspects of terrorism combined with the practical legal and forensic framework of criminal justice to provide you with the skills necessary for direct application to security issues.

Course List - Total Hours: 45

Course # Course Title Hours
LGS105 Politics & Government    3
LGS110 American Legal System    3
LGS215 Introduction to Criminal Justice    3
LGS305 Criminal Law    3
LGS316 Legal Interviewing & Investigation    3
LGS330 Psychology of Fear: Terrorism in the 21st Century    3
LGS335 Contemporary Movements & Organizations    3
LGS340 Forensic Evidence    3
LGS350 Surveillance & Interrogation Techniques    3
LGS401 Civil Liberties    3
LGS415 Senior Seminar    3
LGS428 Intelligence Management & Threat Assessment & Counter Measures in Homeland Security    3
LGS435 The Thought & The Deed: The History & Philosophy of Terrorism    3
LGS452 Internship III    6


Academic Catalog 2007