Academic Policy Details

Declaration of Major

Students indicate an intended major at the time of their initial enrollment. Thereafter, a change of major is processed through the Office of the Registrar. Students must declare a major prior to their registration as a junior.

Double Major Policy

Any student interested in pursuing a second major simultaneously should declare a primary major and a secondary major with the Registrar's office. Students must complete a minimum of 30 distinct hours between the two majors. If at the time of the student's graduation date, both majors have been completed, the second major will be added to the student's academic record and transcript.

Double Degree

William Woods University does, under specified circumstances and conditions, admit students to study for a second baccalaureate degree. A second baccalaureate degree, in addition to other requirements, requires the possession of a complete baccalaureate prior to admission and no less than 30 credit hours of academic work subsequent to the award of the first degree.

The University does not permit under any circumstances or conditions, simultaneous study for two baccalaureate degrees. Students who pursue double majors with different degree designations must elect one or the other degree designation. They may not select both. A double major does not constitute a double degree or a second degree. Students in the adult degree completion program (Graduate and Adult Studies Program) do not earn double majors.


These policies apply to the Semester Program/On Campus students only.  Graduate College Students will need to consult the Graduate College Bulletin.

Academic Catalog 2006