Major Details

Human Service Administration  B.S.

Course List - Total Hours: 48

Course # Course Title Hours
BUS231 Risk Management and Insurance    3
BUS332 Business Communications    3
BUS351 Principles of Management    3
ECN252 Microeconomics    3
ENG345 Grant Writing    3
LGS404 Legal Issues in Social Services and Justice Administration    3
SWK215 Social Welfare    3
SWK230 Interviewing and Agency Analysis    3
SWK312 Social Work Practice I    3
SWK313 Research Methods    3
SWK316 Human Behavior in the Environment I    3
SWK338 Social Welfare Policy    3
SWK450 Social Work Internship I    6


Required Electives

Elective Hours
COM or BUS Elective   3

Academic Catalog 2006