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Criminal Justice Minor

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Criminal Justice Minor

Credit Hours: 9

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
CMJ120 Intro to Corrections, Probation and Parole 3
CMJ160 Police Process 3
CMJ220 Technology and Criminal Justice 3
CMJ240 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
CMJ260 Emergency Management and Disaster Planning 3
CMJ280 Criminal Procedure 3
CMJ290 Criminal Justice Ethics 3
CMJ300 Independent Study in Criminal Justice 3
CMJ310 Community Policing 3
CMJ320 Terrorism 3
CMJ330 Crime Mapping 3
CMJ355 Criminal Investigations and Crime Scenes 3
CMJ370 Drugs and Crime in Society 3
CMJ380 Research Methods in Criminal Justice 3
CMJ425 Transportation and Cargo Security 3
CMJ440 Cybercrime and Information Warfare 3
CMJ451 Internship 3
CMJ452 Internship 6
CMJ470 Police Administration 3
CMJ480 Security Management 3
CMJ490 Senior Seminar 3
SWK273 Crime Victimization in America 3
SWK304 Domestic Violence Theories & Interventions 3
SWK406 Working with Juvenile Offenders 3

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