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Graphic Design B.A.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus


The WWU Graphic Design B.A. major is designed to allow students the flexibility to pursue the skills necessary to become a successful graphic design while also exploring a second area of study, either another major or a minor.  The B.A. curriculum requires 46 hours of study in courses related to the aesthetic, technical, and professional aspects of becoming a professional graphic designer. 


Bachelor of Arts degree programs require a minor and a year of a foreign language.

Course List - Total Hours: 46

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Course # Course Title Hours
ART105 Basic Design -A 3
ART110 Drawing I 3
ART115 Color & Light 3
ART202 Fundamentals of Graphic Design 3
ART210 Portfolio Development 1
ART230 Survey of Western Art I 3
ART231 Survey of Western Art II 3
ART232 Intermediate Graphic Design 3
ART250 Typography 3
ART256 Digital Imaging 3
ART332 Publication Design 3
ART432 Real World Graphic Design Studio 3
ART470 Senior Practicum 3
MIS325 Website Development 3

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Graphic Design Elective 6

Academic Catalog 16-17