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Management Information Systems B.S.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus


Since when can a major offer so many career options!  Management Information Systems at William Woods University will give you the flexibility to prepare you for a multitude of careers with our programs developed around individual student interests.  Our faculty prepare you for these careers by allowing you the opportunity to engage in self-directed projects, partnerships with major companies in the area, internships, and the opportunity to assist in running the only student-managed business on campus.  These hands-on activities take classroom theory and pull it into real-world activities.  When you leave WWU, you will have a full array of MIS projects proven to show employers your ability to apply classroom knowledge.  Come join MIS today!


Course List - Total Hours: 51

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Course # Course Title Hours
ACC240 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC412 Advanced Productivity Tools 3
BUS206 Entrepreneurship 3
BUS324 Personal Finance 3
BUS332 Business Communications 3
MIS100 Introduction to Web 2.0 3
MIS125 Productivity Tools 3
MIS225 Database Management Systems 3
MIS250 Networks and Telecommunications 3
MIS325 Website Development 3
MIS350 Project Management 3
MIS370 MIS Advanced Projects 1-12
MIS403 Internship III 3
MIS425 Enterprise Collaboration Software 3
MIS450 Systems Analysis 3
MIS475 Management Information Systems/Capstone 3

Required Electives

Elective Hours
MIS Writing elective 3

Academic Catalog 16-17