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Physics B.S.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Physics is a broad and dynamic field which provides students with valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while instilling a solid mathematical foundation. Additional training in computer programing and hands-on experimentation gives students the background needed to pursue a wide variety of careers. Physicists have secured employment as research scientists at universities, national labs, hospitals, and private companies. They have works as analysts on Wall Street, as engineers for government defense contractors and aerospace agencies, and have been heavily involved in the expansion of the computer software industry.

Course List - Total Hours: 58

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Course # Course Title Hours
MAT214 Calculus II 4
MAT215 Linear Algebra 3
MAT224 Calculus III 4
MAT312 Differential Equations 3
PHY201 Physics I 4
PHY202 Physics I, Lab 0
PHY212 Physics II 4
PHY213 Physics II, Lab 0
PHY315 Modern Physics 3
PHY318 Mathematical Methods in Physics 3
PHY321 Classical Mechanics 3
PHY360 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics 3
PHY381 Electrostatics & Magnetism 3
PHY382 Electrodynamics 3
PHY421 Quantum Mechanics I 3
PHY422 Quantum Mechanics II 3
PHY450 Advanced Laboratory Methods 3
PHY460 Optics 3
PHY480 Numerical Methods 3
PHY490 Senior Research Practicum 3

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