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Paralegal Studies B.S.

Delivery Method: Online

To provide students with a core of legal knowledge and critical thinking, understanding of professional ethics, communication and interpersonal skills, which will enhance the students’ ability to function effectively as professionals in a legal environment.

Course List - Total Hours: 42

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Course # Course Title Hours
PRL302 Law and Paralegalism 3
PRL304 Electronic Legal Research 3
PRL306 Civil Practice 3
PRL309 Ethics and the Law Office 3
PRL311 Evidence and Fact Gathering 3
PRL315 Family Law 3
PRL318 Criminal Practice 3
PRL321 Administrative and Federal Procedure 3
PRL420 Probate and Estate Planning 3
PRL430 Contract Law 3
PRL440 Constitutional Issues 3
PRL450 Torts Law 3
PRL475 Practicum and Capstone 6

Academic Catalog 16-17