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Equine General Studies B.S.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Students majoring in Equine General Studies will complete a concentration in Art, Equestrian Leadership, Equestrian Studies, Equine Media or Equine Assisted Therapies.

Course List - Total Hours: 53

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Course # Course Title Hours
BUS206 Entrepreneurship 3
BUS332 Business Communications 3
EQU111 Introduction to the Horse Industry 3
EQU117 Theory of Performance Horse Health Management I 3
EQU118 Theory of Performance Horse Health Management II 3
EQU221 Stable Management 3
EQU403 Equine General Studies Senior Seminar 3
EQU415 Equestrian Senior Portfolio 2
MIS125 Productivity Tools 3

Academic Catalog 16-17