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Exercise Science B.S.

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Course List - Total Hours: 48

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Course # Course Title Hours
BUS206 Entrepreneurship 3
EXS103 Nutrition 3
EXS180 Portfolio Development 1
EXS310 Advanced Human Nutrition 3
EXS315 Exercise Technique and Prescription 3
EXS390 Exercise Science Internship I 3
EXS405 Exercise Program Design 3
EXS451 Exercise Science Internship II 3
EXS460 Principles of Strength and Conditioning 3
PED131 Weight Control and Conditioning 2
PED205 Introduction to Anatomy/Physiology 3
PED220 Social Science in Sport 3
PED245 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
PED321 Kinesiology 3
PED322 Physiology of Exercise 3
PSY401 Sports Psychology 3
SMG310 Sports Law 3

Academic Catalog 16-17