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ART203 - Art Applications

From both a historic and contemporary perspective, the honor student will research, investigate, and demonstrate an understanding of various art processes with the goal of coming to a greater appreciation for a wide range of aesthetics, forms and media. The bulk of the class will be daily and bi-weekly problems to solve, instructor demonstrations, power point lectures, and critiques. Students will also be required to read and discuss various handouts before each problem. The fundamental approaches to art production and design basics will be explored in 7 art problems throughout the course. Specific limitations will be given for each problem that will both restrict and allow students the freedom to explore creative, unified solutions while gaining a deep understanding of the specific element explored and its relationships to the design principles. Each of the first six problems will focus on one of the 6 art elements. The final problem includes a research assignment and power point presentation of an artist that has inspired the culmination piece that includes all of the elements of design. Throughout the course, students will work in a variety of mediums while exploring different approaches to form. Students will learn how to assess their work and work of others as they gain an understanding of the elements and principles of design, intent and aesthetic. A sketchbook will be kept to explore ideas, record terminology and insights from handouts and presentations, as well as historical figures and styles discovered throughout the semester. A final written assessment reflecting an understanding of process, design and a historical reference will accompany the 7th culmination project for TK20 assessment.

Credit Hours: 3

Course Fees: $35.00

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