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BIO415 - Molecular Biotechnology Lab

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products. This course provides an introduction of biotechnology theories and techniques essential to laboratory research in agricultural, environmental or medical biotechnology such as laboratory safety and records keeping, genome informatics, DNA analysis, RNA analysis, protein analysis and analysis of biological systems. The course provides fundamental knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and microbiology. Topics include: The fundamental chemical processes common in prokaryotic and eukaryotic biology; chemistry of biomolecules; cellular and molecular biology; gene expression and genetic engineering (tissue culture methods, microbiology techniques such as the purification and analysis, of nucleic acids and proteins, DNA manipulation and cloning procedures, protein identification methods); scientific information retrieval; and technical writing. The course will include the use of biotechnology in a variety of science fields including medicine and agriculture; however, an emphasis will be the biotechnology used in bioremediation, biomass utilization, and the production of bioenergy.

Credit Hours: 0

Prerequisites: Bio 231/232 and CHM 314/315

Course Fees: $70.00

Academic Catalog 16-17