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Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership M.B.A.

Delivery Method: Evening,  Online

Delivery Method: Hybrid Evening, Online


1. Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited college or university; 2. Undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale; 3. Three hours of undergraduate coursework in Accounting, Economics and Finance.


No candidate will be considered for admission until the following are submitted and assessment is completed.

1. Graduate Application

2. Official transcripts showing Bachelor degree. Only transcripts received in a sealed envelope directly from the sending school will be considered official. Documents should be submitted to:


Graduate College William Woods

University One University Ave

 Fulton, MO 65251

Or Email

Fax 573.592.1164

The MBA program is a 30-hour program that provides students with a strong theoretical background emphasizing the practice of learned skills.


Program Prerequisites: Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Revised: 04/2015

Core Program Requirements (30 hours):

All courses will be 8 weeks in length.

Course List - Total Hours: 30

Course # Course Title Hours
BMT517 Human Resources & Organizational Behavior 3
BMT524 Economics for Managers 3
BMT538 Accounting for Managers 3
BMT539 Business Law 3
BMT545 Managerial Ethics 3
BMT552 Marketing Research Decisions and Analysis 3
BMT566 Financial Decisions 3
BMT569 Entrepreneurship/Marketing Planning and Development 3
BMT580 Management Systems 3
BMT590 Applied Case Project 3

Graduate Catalog 16-17