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BMT569 - Entrepreneurship/Marketing Planning and Development

We are living in a time of extraordinary change. The economic, technological and ecological threat is very clear. U.S. firms must not only design and produce better products and services, but also find innovative ways to market them. This demand challenges the way all firms define marketing management.

Today’s profit and non-profit firms face incredible challenges as they adapt to change. What once was “good enough” now is no longer competitive. What once were unlimited resources now must be used more efficiently. What once was contentment with domestic growth now dictates increased multi-national expansion for survival.

These changes have important implications on the marketing decisions of any organization, including decisions made on design of products and services, on prices, on promotional methods and distribution systems affected by new environmental constraints. This course will address these changes, putting you in the shoes of today’s marketing professional.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: BMT545, BMT517, BMT580, BMT539, ACC240 or any Accounting course, BMT440 or any Business Finance course, and ECN251/252 or any Economics course.

Graduate Catalog 16-17