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EDU589 - Teaching and Technology Capstone Project

The capstone is the culminating experience for students in the Master's Degree in Teaching and Technology. The capstone provides students with the opportunity to apply and integrate key concepts from each course in their program of study. Candidates will develop an interactive learning module, using an online environment, which can be used to support their instructional/training objectives and goals. The demonstration curriculum must be hosted in an online format utilizing a website or LMS (Learning Management System), show evidence or integration of concepts and skills from the entire program of study, and be utilized by learners within the instruction/training environment. In addition, students will reflect upon their coursework and experience through regular, comprehensive, reflective postings and responses tied to NBPTS National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, ISTE-S Standards, and assigned readings. This is a 16-week capstone course.

Credit Hours: 6

Course Fees: $0.00

Graduate Catalog 16-17