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Standard of Student Responsibility

Every undergraduate student is expected to observe the highest standards of personal and academic conduct. The University cannot accept the responsibility for the education of any student who is not in sympathy with the purposes and regulations of the University or whose conduct is disruptive to the education of others.

The University reserves the right to exclude any student whose conduct or academic standing it regards as undesirable, and without assigning any further reason thereto; in such cases, the fees due or which may have been paid in advance to the University will not be remitted or refunded in whole or in part. Neither the University nor its officers shall be under any liability whatsoever for such exclusion. Such exclusions are termed “disciplinary suspension.” Any student under disciplinary suspension shall be persona non grata on campus or at off-campus class/course locations except for official business.

Undergraduate students are expected to read and to comply with printed program and University regulations. Enrollment in a undergraduate program of the University carries with it the implication that the student has reviewed and agrees to comply with applicable regulations.

The regulations stated herein are broadly stated but are applicable to all undergraduate students of the University without regard to the specific delivery format employed by the program in which they are enrolled. Questions which arise regarding the applicability of specific regulations to specific delivery formats and programs may be addressed to the Dean of the Graduate College, who is charged with responsibility for interpreting regulations to enable their consistent application in all Graduate College programs conducted under the auspices of the University.

Updated 3/27/2012

Academic Catalog 15-16