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Coaching Minor

The Coaching minor would give all education majors, and even non-majors who may want to coach for local Parks & Recreation Departments or YMCAs, the knowledge base to take on coaching duties at the secondary school level.

Credit Hours: 18

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Course # Course Title Credit Hours
ATR230 Prevention and Care of Injuries 2
ATR231 Prevention and Care Lab 1
PED104 First Aid and CPR 2
PED401 Theory of Coaching Baseball and Softball 2
PED402 Theory of Coaching Track & Field and Cross Country 2
PED403 Theory of Coaching Football and Soccer 2
PED404 Theory of Coaching Basketball and Volleyball 2
PED406 Management of Athletics 2
PSY401 Sports Psychology 3


Program Objectives:

  1. Students will develop the skills needed in basic first aid and CPR/AED to properly provide emergency care to athletes of all ages.
  2. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent, manage and provide basic treatment for sports injuries.
  3. Students will increase their ability to properly manage an athletic program including leadership, budget and facility management.
  4. Students will acquire the skills necessary to apply psychological concepts to sports participation.
  5. Students will develop an understanding of how an athlete’s psyche changes during sports participation and the ability to manage different personalities and psychological issues.
  6. Students will enhance their understanding of the various offensive and defensive strategies of football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, track & field and cross country.
  7. Students will learn how to evaluate players and design practices and drill to instruct proper technique.
  8. Students will expand their understanding of the various philosophies and approaches to the arrangement of practice sessions and off-season programs.
  9. Students will gain an appreciation for the various game strategies, how to scout opponents and develop game strategies.
  10. Students will increase their understanding of the rules and officiating of football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, track & field and cross country at both the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels.

Academic Catalog 15-16