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An independent voice in higher education, William Woods University distinguishes itself as a student-centered and professions-oriented university committed to the values of ethics, self-liberation, and lifelong education of students in the world community.



  • The liberal arts is the foundation of our mission.
  • Responsiveness to student needs is paramount for success for both the students we serve and the institution's viability.
  • An academic environment demonstrates and promotes creative, intellectual inquiry.
  • Positive relationships among students, faculty, and staff enhance the learning experience.
  • Education is inclusive and student-centered.
  • The institution has a responsibility to demonstrate and promote ethical behavior.
  • Total development of the individual prepares the individual for a constantly changing world.
  • The culture of our university and communities is conducive to the positive development of relationships among students, faculty, and staff.
  • A quality educational environment directly impacts outstanding student achievement.

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Academic Catalog 15-16