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ART321 Waterbased Painting IV

This upper level course examines the divers nature of water based techniques and styles of painting. The examples on this syllabus are designed to expose the student to different possibilities related to subject matter. However the advanced painting student may wish to focus the range of subject matter according to their emerging style and aesthetic. This advanced course will encourage the student to compose original compositions with an eye toward the aesthetic and psychological vision true to the student. The advanced student in this course will develop a portfolio based on original compositions, which are a learning outcome of prior coursework in design, drawing and painting. The student will be able to use design language to share their artistic achievement with the entry level students. This is the highest level of the course and requires the student to exhibit paintings and to write a thesis in relation to the personal aesthetic projected by the paintings done in this course.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: ART320

Academic Catalog 15-16