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SWK316 Human Behavior in the Environment I

Birth-Adolescence. Human Behavior and the Social Environment I and II are taught in a two part course format and serves as foundation sequence in the Social Work Program. SWK316, Human Behavior and the Social Environment I is a review of the biopsychosocial theories of development from birth to adolescence, while SKW317, Human Behavior in the Social Environment II covers theories of biopsychosocial development of adolescence through end of life. This course sequence is based upon the philosophy that human behavior is shaped by many interacting factors and specific theories from the biological, psychological, social and cultural theory base are presented in order to address the complexity of human functioning. At the same time, human behavior is conceptualized as following a developmental sequence with age-specific characteristics and needs. In order to present this knowledge base, selected theories are applied to each life cycle stage. In each state, special attention is given to the impact of oppression, discrimination, privilege, and the consequences of gender, socioeconomic status and minority group membership. These dimensions are viewed as interactional influences on individual behavior and the person as a member of a small group, community and of the large society and culture. This course uses general systems theory with an ecological focus to provide the organizing base to explore lifespan development.

Credit Hours: 3

Academic Catalog 15-16