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MIS370 MIS Experience

The course in Advanced Applications/Experience is a class based on individual or group IT research and/or practical applications in IT and MIS environments. The student(s) is expected to choose a topic and/or experience from the syllabus list or mutually agreed upon topic by the student and instructor. After agreement, a contract will be signed and submitted before work can begin. The student will meet as directed with the professor for updates. (Examples) Programming/Development: Study and Write code in one of the following program languages: C#, Visual Basic, .NET, HTML/XML, etc., Java Scripting or any other programming language deemed applicable. Implement an application using standard development with MS Access, on or off campus. Web Applications and Development Study and Write code in Dreamweaver and or .NET and publish to the Internet. Maintain several web sites that are already up for non-profit or University web sites. Externship Experience: Go onsite to a WWU business partner once a week and shadow an IT professional in Central MO or campus UIT experience if available. Networking Applications: Load, setup, install and maintain network OS workstations in a lab experience.

Credit Hours: 1-3

Academic Catalog 15-16